Monday, 7 November 2011

Promotional LEGO Bricks at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Promotional bricks are a fun (and frustrating!) part of LEGO collecting. They are tricky to keep track of and released at different locations around the world. The UK’s LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester have had several different bricks since launching, and will be giving away a Star Wars brick at this November’s event…

Promotional bricks are usually 1 x 2 stud Duplo bricks, usually twice the height of a standard Duplo brick. There are exceptions, such as the dinosaur brick from the Downtown Disney LEGO store which is 2 x 2 studs. Mark Papenfuss was considered the leading authority on these LEGO bricks, but unfortunately his website is not currently live (there will be an update at All About Bricks should it return).

This brick is from LEGOLAND
California's 2000 Halloween event.
Image courtesy of
supernerd23 on BrickShelf.
These bricks are most common at LEGOLAND parks, where they are used to commemorate different special events and weekends. LEGOLAND Windsor make promotional bricks available exclusively to Annual Passholders, and with limited editions of just a few thousand they tend to disappear within hours of the park opening. 

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester, which opened last year, has had different promotional bricks available this year. There are also different ways to obtain the bricks. The Alien Conquest brick is available in the shop with a minimum spend of £30. Children completing the Factory Tour are given a promotional Ninjago brick. On November 12th and 13th 2011, when the Discovery Centre has a Star Wars themed weekend, a promotional Star Wars brick will be given away to guests. 

With all of these new promotional bricks coming along, let’s all work in the AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) community to keep track of bricks being made available, and where and how they are given away.

For full details on the Star Wars days at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, click here
For the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre official website, click here.

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