Friday, 11 November 2011

Top 5 Collectible Minifigures: Series 1-3

Back in July, LEGO e-mailed subscribers to the official newsletter with a tricky question. From the first three series, which Collectible Minifigure do you like the best? Once the votes have been tallied, the top five choices are to be released as an exclusive set. So in the spirit of choosing, here are my five favourite Collectible Minifigures and why… 

Rapper – Series 3 (8803)
A mini-figure both full of character, which also feels right at home in LEGO City, is the rapper. This is a great little set of parts, with a nice peak cap featuring a LEGO mini-fig face, a re-colour of the microphone piece and a boombox piece. Along with a newly designed pair of legs, generic-ish jeans, these allow for a lot of customisation to create new City civilians. 

Vampire – Series 2 (8684)
There have been a handful of horror characters dotted throughout the Collectinle Minifigures range, but the Vampire oozes personality like no other. This is thanks to a great head design, creepy but friendly in a very LEGO way. The torso design is nice, and the unique cape is extremely cool. Overall, this adds up to a really nice mini-figure that looks cool simply on display or as part of a creepy diorama.

Nurse – Series 1 (8683)
Collectibe Minifigures that will fit in with my existing LEGO sets are especially desirable, and the Nurse fits the bill nicely. I have a few doctors, nurses and paramedics, so some variety on the torso is much appreciated. Plus a syringe and medical chart! Perfect for adding flavour to my LEGO hospital. 
Another bonus to the Nurse is having another female mini-fig, as long time collectors know that the gender balance in LEGO City has own recently started to be redressed. This makes new female head and hair very welcome. 

Gorilla Suit Guy – Series 3 (8803)
You’re a desperado. This wonderful little figure shows the elasticity of the line, how many different concepts it can incorporate. If you’re building a custom LEGO zoo, this guy will look great – as long as his back isn’t showing, revealing the zipper on the suit. Removing the gorilla head shows a sweat covered face underneath, but whilst the head is on it isn’t noticeable that a regular head is hidden beneath.

Mariachi – Series 2 (8694)
Another mini-figure that feels like he has a massive personality is an excusable stereotype. Featuring a wonderfully large sombrero and a pair of maracas, it is the brilliant poncho that adds a finishing touch to this character. The fact that all of these pieces are decorated is a real treat, and highlights the effort that does into these mini-figures compared to many that turn up in sets. 

So there are my five favourites from the first forty-eight Collectible Minifigures. As these continue to tope the toy sale charts, it’s likely there are hundreds more to come. But what would your top five have been? How far wrong were my choices?


  1. I don't know. The fact that the favorite may be in a future set made me have a bias towards the Spartan, just because he is the one I want to have the option to get more of them the most. Personally, I don't like the Mariachi that much compared to the others. Although his details look great, he should have had a printed torso and legs in addition to his poncho. If he had one, or preferably both of these, he would be in my top 5. My list would be:
    The list is mostly based on army building potential (My absolute favorites would be different). However, I really like the archer, because it feels like an upgrade from an already existing (also somewhat classic) minifigure, but also still looks good along with the one it was based off of.

  2. My five favs from the first three series are:

    5)Mime (S1)
    4)Spartan Warrior (S2)
    3)Demolition Dummy (S1)
    2)Elf (S3)
    1)Mariachi guy :) (S2)