Monday, 12 March 2012

Sales and profits up for LEGO in 2011

The Annual Report from LEGO show that the company has continued to show strong growth, with an impressive increase in both sales and profits. This is not unexpected news, as LEGO has continued to gain more shelf space in stores and sets regularly sold out as usual in the run up to Christmas. Knudstorp’s strategy for growing the company is continuing to produce impressive results. But with recent controversy over LEGO Friends hitting mainstream media, and collectors grumbling about Chinese parts, is it time to remind consumers that it’s not all about the money?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ten more years of LEGO Star Wars

It was announced last month in a press release from LEGO that they have a renewed licence from Lucasfilm, meaning that collectors can look forward to up to ten more years of LEGO Star Wars products. Is it time for a celebration, forest moon of Endor style? Or have you seen enough LEGO Snowspeeders to last a lifetime?