Monday, 21 October 2013

From Redbeard to Brickbeard: LEGO Pirates Minifigures

Pirates is one of the most beloved LEGO themes of all time. Collectors still hunt down classic sets and talented builders create more intricate ships and buildings then LEGO has ever released. Pickings have been sparse since the brief return Pirates sets made in 2010, which makes the lone release of an exclusive Pirates mini-figure pack a fun treat.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Review: Ninjago Graphic Novels #6 & #7

Although the TV series has been off the air for the past year, Papercutz has continued to reveal the adventures in the world on Ninjago through the series of graphic novels. Fans of Ninjago have been so taken with Jay, Cole, Zane and Kai that the theme has been extended for at least another year – and with a movie in development probably longer. So with lots of focus on the new Legends of Chima, comic format has been almost the only place for new Ninjago stories in 2013.