Thursday, 17 November 2011

LEGO New Themes 2012 Rumour List Part II

With images of LEGO Friends and LEGO Dino (first rumoured here at All About Bricks) now all over the ‘net (well, if you’re a LEGO enthusiast and look for these things), speculation naturally turns to what LEGO have up their sleeves next…

The Collectable Minifigures line have given us some great examples of spooky characters… a Zombie (8683) … a Witch (8684) … a Vampire (8684) …a Mummy (8803) … a Crazy Scientist (8804) … a Frankenstein inspired Monster (8804) …

The last time there were horror based sets available was back in the LEGO Studios line, with the Curse of the Pharaoh (1383), Werewolf Ambush (1380), Vampire’s Crypt (1381) and Scary Laboratory (1382).

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But next year, the rumour is that a whole theme will be based on classic horror characters. There are few details available, but each set will include a unique mini-figure in a fitting environment. One set will be a haunted castle. 

The theme will be entitled “Monster Fighters”, suggesting some sort of combat angle being put on the horror concept.

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