Thursday, 11 August 2011

LEGO New Themes 2012 Rumour List

The seventh and final day of January 2012 rumours reveals two new themes that may be coming next year. It also reveals what I have not had any information about. So take this, as everything else, with a sceptical view and we’ll all find out how much of it comes to be in a few months.

The long-awaited new LEGO theme for girls is entitled ‘Friends’. There will be huge range of sets launched, in a variety of sizes. The theme is based around five girls who, as the title suggests, are friends. The mini-figs are reportedly not the mini-figs we know and love, but are in the same scale. Some of the sets have a doll’s house type feel to them, and the line will include typical girl’s products like a car, horse based sets, a vet, a cafĂ©, et cetera.

Dino will be a new range introduced, with a variety of Jurassic Park style sets. This time around, the dinosaurs will be moulded, and each set includes a different dinosaur and a vehicle or location designed to trap or contain the dinosaur.

What’s not continuing? I’ve not heard anything about two themes of note, so the odds are that Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean will not continue with new sets into 2012.

Keep an eye on All About Bricks as I continue to post new LEGO related articles. There will no doubt be even more exciting rumours to come in the months ahead.


  1. No word yet. Watch this space, as in one to two weeks I should get a little more information.

  2. their continuing Pirates of the Caribbean sets here's proof

  3. That set is being released in time for Christmas. No new sets next year.

  4. Is there posibility get some information about technic sets? :-)

  5. What does it mean that the dinosaurs will be moulded? How is it different from Dino Attack?

  6. Thay are moulded as they are in Dino Attack, but less stylised. More like the ones in Dino Island, but new, bigger, more detailed.

    There will be a set list for the Dino theme some time next week hopefully.