Monday, 7 March 2016

LEGO Dimensions: Sensei Wu Fun Pack Review

Each type of LEGO Dimensions expansion offers a different amount of content to add to the game. Fun Packs are the lowest price pack, adding an extra hit of variety. Each includes a minifigure and a 3 in 1 mini build. This Ninjago themed Fun Pack includes Sensei Wu and the Flying White Dragon (primary build).

Sensei Wu is a fun character to play. He has a comical – and extremely fast – run. In battle, he has some rather theatrical moves with his staff. Like the other ninjas, he has the power of Spinjitzu which can activate switches and also be used as an attack. Wu’s abilities include stealth and the pole vault. 

Wu has great animation when he is stationery, pulling out a cup of his trademark tea. Even more fun, when paired with other Ninjago characters he delivers specific dialogue to them, rewarding players who collect multiple sets from the theme. These little details are what make these extra Fun Pack characters more tempting to pick up.

The Flying White Dragon is a cool little build, and the alternative two configurations are also good – which is not always the case in sets that use the same pieces. There’s a few unusual parts in there too, which is a nice bonus. In the game, the dragon shoots icey blasts and allows Wu (or any of the other characters) to fly.

Like any other character from the theme, Sensei Wu can access the world of Ninjago from the LEGO Dimensions hub. It’s a great world, with varied areas all unique and
atmospheric. The various residents of Ninjago City make comments and react to the characters. Fans of the TV show will enjoy recognising areas and familiar faces. There are some fun, wacky games including one featuring Sensei Garmadon, who instructs the player to catapult Skulkins back into the underworld!

This Sensei Wu Fun Pack is a nice addition to the LEGO Dimensions range. Ninjago completists should definitely pick up the wizened advisor, so that the entire core team can share adventures in the multiverse. For those looking for a significant mix of new powers, Sensei Wu only offers the pole vault ability (although that is a rare ability). So this is not the least necessary entry into LEGO Dimensions, but not the most vital either.

Dimensions Score: 3/5

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