Wednesday, 16 March 2016

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Beyond the Sets

Many LEGO Star Wars collectors want to own all of the sets released to re-create scenes from the blockbusting movie The Force Awakens. With the impending release of the movie on Blu-ray and some crappy thing called digital download, fans will see their favourite moments all over again. But to go along with the sets released, there are already a few extra minifigures to track down…

C-3PO (The Force Awakens)

This was the first polybag minifigure from the movie, with a few given away at Hamleys in London during the Force Friday event. Toys R Us gave this away as a gift with purchase, with it also popping up in a few other promotions.

With his distinctive red arm, C-3PO has a unique look in The Force Awakens which makes this a must-have minifigure. As he has not yet been included in any traditional set, this is a must-have minifigure to complete the roster of classic heroes. A particularly good minifigure to accompany Resistance Troop Transporter (75140).

First Order General

This minifigure is not yet widely available, having popped up in Hong Kong for a brief Toys R Us promotion. It is bound to appear again, presumably as a gift with purchase.

With the amount of First Order administrators populating scenes in the movie, it is hard to imagine anyone ending up with too many of this angry fellow. He is less desirable than C-3PO thanks to the numerous First Order minifigures included elsewhere, but does feature a unique combination of hat, torso and head.

Image courtesy of Eurobricks
Finn (FN-2187)

This polybag is coming with the Special Edition of LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens video game in June. This will make it widely available, but it is safest to pre-order as these have been known to disappear quickly.

This minifigure features the regular Finn head and hair with a dirty Stormtrooper body. The weathering is unique to this torso, reflecting Finn’s unpleasant time spent on Jakku. This makes the minifigure more desirable than had it been a simple head-swap with the standard Stormtrooper, so worth getting with the video game or buying on eBay for non-gamers.

Unkar’s Thug

DK are to release the publishing house’s seven hundredth LEGO book, Chronicles of the Force, in May. The content has not been revealed yet, but the exclusive minifigure has. Unkar’s Thug is one of the unsavoury characters that Rey lives alongside on Jakku.

This is a surprisingly obscure minifigure for a book cover - usually DK pack in a main character in a new style. This is probably the least exciting minifigure unveiled so far, but it is unique and will complement the Encounter on Jakku (75148) set nicely.

With a whole new roster of characters to choose from, there is little doubt that even more exclusive and limited minifigures will be revealed over time. With May 4th not too far away, LEGO stores will almost certainly be offering an exclusive minifigure with a certain spend. Stay on target, because there’s plenty of extra LEGO Star Wars collecting to be done this year. 

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