Thursday, 29 November 2012

More LEGO Books on the way next year

With the library of LEGO books every increasing as the sales continue to impress, and bigger sections in bookshops given over to our favourite toy, it will not surprise readers that 2013 will see the onslaught of LEGO literature continue. A variety of listings have popped up around the web, largely on Amazon. Let’s check out what’s on the way…

2013 may be the final year for LEGO Ninjago, but the publishing schedule will continue. DK have got more stickers books on the way, and Papercutz are continuing with their fun little graphic novels. The books with ‘new theme’ in the titles are most likely based on Legends of Chima.

The LEGO City story books coming in January will feature stories, a mini-figure and bricks based on the LEGO City subthemes from 2012 – Forest Police, Forest Fire and Space. It is amazing how long it took for LEGO and DK to realise that the simple idea of packing a few bricks in with the book made it a much more appealing cross-over product.

There are quite a few books coming based on LEGO Friends, which will not come as a surprise. With LEGO City, it has taken some time for the books to catch up with the success of the line. With Friends, LEGO were ready out of the starting gate to take full of advantage of the new girls’ theme, with the back story already filled out multiple books were a no brainer.

The DK Readers LEGO range will add Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith to the line up to go along with the Star Wars 3D releases, and LEGO DC Super Heroes will have titles available too.

In April the LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopaedia will be released, which will feature every Collectible Minifigure from Series 1-10. This sounds like a fun addition to the theme, and it will be interesting to see how complete it is. Will it include the VIP Exclusive Box? Or the Team GB series? Time will tell, and an exclusive mini-figure will be mounted in the cover as with previous LEGO books. How this figure will fit in with the Collectible Minifigure will be interesting – a new design, a re-colour of an existing mini-fig or something a little special?

As for LEGO Star Wars there will be an adaptation of The Empire Strikes Out, which will need a talented writer to translate the humour of the animated special into written/illustrated form. More curious is The Yoda Chronicles, which seems to be some sort of reference book focusing on the Emperor’s “little green friend”. There is scant information for now, except that it will include an exclusive mini-figure and may be part of a broader marketing strategy.

There must be many more books from DK that have not been unveiled. Following on from the LEGO Book and the LEGO Ideas Book there is presumably a new generic LEGO book, and usually two LEGO Brickmaster books are released each year – will a new Star Wars one be unveiled, or perhaps even an edition for Super Heroes? And will Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit get a Visual Dictionary or Character Encyclopaedia?

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