Wednesday, 25 January 2012

LEGO Avengers, Hobbits and Monster Fighters at London Toy Fair

Unfortunately I haven’t made it to Toy Fair in London this year, but thanks to the Internet and digital cameras we can still see a little of what is going on. What could LEGO be revealing on the walls of their stand? Read on for my reaction to some very cool images of the characters who will be popping in this year’s new Summer themes!

Thanks to Blogomatic 3000 for uploading the images discussed here.

Courtesy of Blogomatic 3000
First of all here is the first glimpse of the new Monster Fighters theme – which you read about first right here at All About Bricks. You can see a brand new werewolf head and new print on Frankenstein’s monster below. The rumour is that the new theme will have a Scooby Doo type vibe (that’s how the ‘fighter’ aspect fits in, apparently).

Courtesy of Blogomatic 3000
Next up is the core character line up for the Lord of the Rings range, with regular height mini-figures and a host of short-legged Hobbits. These will undoubtedly excite fans as they look like just the sort of detailed mini-figure we expect from LEGO these days, although do all Hobbits go to the same hairdresser?

Courtesy of Blogomatic 3000
Finally, we get a glimpse of Hulk and Captain America from the Marvel Super Heroes line. Hulk has a suitably large body, reminiscent of the Wampa from 2010 and Captain America captures the essence of the character.

January has been an exciting launch, largely dominated by the huge push for Ninjago and Friends, but as shown here there is plenty more still to come in 2012. 

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