Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LEGO Jurassic World Video Game Features Original Movie

Jurassic World is about to hit cinemas, ready to tap into a huge feeling of nostalgia that’s in the hearts of movie goers who loved the 1993 original. The LEGO sets themselves are entirely focused on the new movie, and the Ideas projects based on Jurassic Park did not make the cut. But thanks to the LEGO Jurassic World video game, fans can get a taste of what Jurassic Park would be like in LEGO.

When actual LEGO sets or minifigures based on the original movie (and its less loved sequels) aren’t happening, having the LEGO video game version might be the next best thing. With how long TT Games and LEGO have been working together, and with how closely, the original models in the games are often close to how the ‘real’ version would have looked.

Traveller’s Tales have once again pulled out all of the stops, including 100 different minifigure characters. That gives room for the classic characters of Alan Grant, Ellie Satler, Ian Malcom and John Hammond to be part of the cast. It also means that less likable characters such as Gennaro and less memorable characters such as Vet Gerry Harding are included.

The classic feel is evoked for the original films by using original dialogue and music much of the time, giving a nice solution to the minifigures now speaking without losing the movie authenticity. As with LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Harry Potter, the movie scenes have been carefully replicated with the trademark humour of the LEGO video game series.

Of course being the dinosaur films that they are means that the prehistoric beasts have to be front and centre, so as well as the usual playable character roster, gamers can actually control a selection of the dinosaurs. Like the different minifigure types, each has different traits and actions, such as the triceratops being able to charge and destroy. Like the minifigure customiser in previous games, fans can mix up the dinosaurs using different parts.

As well as playing through the movies in story mode, each island – Nublar and Sorna – will be available as free roaming worlds to explore. Who knows how many stud it will take to unlock that though!

There are two different special edition versions of LEGO Jurassic World being released. One features the Galimimus Trap mini set, the other contains a Dr Wu with amber minifigure.

Whether the new movie turns out to be good, bad or mediocre, there is no way that this game would have been released were it not for the LEGO sets inspired by Jurassic World. So even if it turns out to be something of a disappointment, at least another great movie has been given the LEGO video game treatment.

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