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Top 10 Collectible Minifigures: Series 7 - 9

With the tenth series of Collectible Minifigures available around the world, here are the top ten from the last three series. Well, my top ten. Have a look at the choices here, and then furiously get to the comments section or a message board to shout about your own favourites. Who will come out on top this time? Can anyone live up to the Haz-mat Guy?

10. Rocker Girl – Series 7 (8831)

Personality screams from the Rocker Girl as no doubt her vocals do. The awesome hair piece in pink is what really makes this mini-fig, although the wise colour choices for her outfit and repetition of the pink lightning bolt really complete her look.

9. Hollywood Starlet - Series 9 (71000)

This Marilyn Monroe-style Minifigure reuses the trophy accessory, which is fine because it's hard to see how anyone can ever have enough of them. More importantly she has a fantastic new hairpiece which will add even more diversity to the female residents of LEGO City. A perfect Minifigure to add to the Palace Cinema (10232) set.

8. Conquistador - Series 8 (8833)

This Minifigure captures all of the romance and adventure that could be hoped for, with a nice re-colouring of an existing helmet and cool printing on the armour piece. A wise re-use of the Musketeer's sword also adds to the dashing nature of this character. He would be well suited to sailing with the Spanish Armada in the Pirates line.

7. Forest Maiden - Series 9 (71000)

This is a nice Minifigure with an awesome hairpiece. What makes her a worthy pick for this list, however, is that LEGO fans with the Forestman sets from the Castle theme can finally add a female to their treeehouse hideaways! It might even be worth getting a few extra to share her shield with the rest of the clan. Only twenty-ish years too late, LEGO!

6. Judge - Series 9 (71000) With all of the Police running around LEGO City, the place really needs a Judge. Someone has to process all of these crim's after all. This Judge has a great hairpiece, his robes are well done and as usual
his accessory is great. Although this means now it's time to build a courthouse...

5. Hippie – Series 7 (8831)

The Hippie makes for a great character in the traditionally stereotypical style of these Minifigures. His flowers accessory makes perfect sense. Somehow the combination of the hair piece and facial expression gives him a brilliantly 'mellow' expression that encapsulates everything one would expect. The funky torso has some potential re-use, too.

4. The Thespian - Series 8 (8833)

The Thespian is a real treat of a mini-figure. The hair piece suits him perfectly, the new ruff is a great match for his torso and of course the skull is a brilliant choice of accessory. What really makes him jump out, however, is his absolutely spot-on expression. This character – or at least his outfit – wouldn't be out of place in a Castle display.

3. Ocean King – Series 7 (8831)

This mini-fig makes great use of existing parts, something the Collectible Minifigures tend to avoid for some reason. The mermaid tail, beard and torso combine to create a character nothing like those characters who sported them before. The nice crown and trident piece finish this mini-fig off to produce one of the best fantastical characters released so far.

2. Fairy - Series 8 (8833)

As with other Minifigures in this series, the Fairy makes good use of existing parts. Her hair seems appropriate for a fairy despite not being designed for her, and it's great to see a classic piece like the Magic Wand turn up (appropriately re-coloured, too). Having both wings and a soft goods skirt to add to the Minifigure makes the Fairy fun to put together and impressive afterwards.

1. Fortune Teller - Series 9 (71000)

So many of the best Minifigures encapsulate an entire persona that anyone can recognise just by glancing at them. Everything about the Fortune Teller – her hat, outfit, face and accessories are all absolutely spot on to elevate her to one of the best of the best. She stands out on the shelf next to the rest of the collection, full of personality and mystery. With a bit of mixing and matching she would look good as a wench in a Pirates or Castle scene, too.

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