Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ho, ho, ho it's time for LEGO

It’s October, and you may be grumbling about all of the Christmas displays in shops everywhere. Just to annoy you that bit more, here’s a Christmas article at All About Bricks – but it’s all to stay topical… so read on, and find out why even though our US readers haven’t celebrated Halloween yet, I’m thinking about Christmas…

Why do I associate LEGO with Christmas? Perhaps it’s the fond memories of unwrapping such wonderful sets as the Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286), Imperial Trading Post (6277) and Fort Legoredo (6762). Part of the association is recalling using a basic bricks tub with my siblings to build Santa, snowmen and presents. Maybe it helps that I still pass on a list of LEGO sets I don’t own to those close to me around this time of year. One of the joys of still buying toys into adulthood is that Christmas remains much more exciting than just receiving sweaters and socks.

Christmas Day has seen the building of some awesome LEGO sets
For a few years now LEGO hasn’t just been for the big day, it’s been the best way to count down to it with the regular City Advent Calendars. Getting a little piece of chocolate each day is cool, but it’s nothing when compared to getting LEGO bricks. The advent calendars are such a fun novelty that the fact they increase in price at an offensive rate doesn’t affect my festive trip to purchase them each year. The one-off calendars make it extra exciting for lucky collectors who like that theme, with Star Wars following in the footsteps of Kingdoms and Pirates.

Loving Christmas as much as I do also means a trek to my nearest LEGO branded store in Milton Keynes, a two and a half hour drive or two and a half hour train journey (what a fantastic choice!). There I buy products I could have easily purchased online, but chose to make my annual pilgrimage to check out the displays and see Milton Keynes’ brilliantly themed Christmas grotto. Once there I spend £50 in order to get the festive Pick a Brick box, forcing me to head back in January to fill it up. But the draw of the Christmas themed box is too much to resist.

When the Winter Toy Shop (10199) was released, many LEGO fans were overwhelmed with how nice the set looked, and shocked that it had even been produced. It was a wonderful treat, and presumed to be a one-off. Last year saw the Winter Village Bakery (10216) follow it up, expanding the Christmas scene. This set up took pride of place in my living room for December. This year, the Winter Village Post Office (10222) will add to the merriment, and somehow the special Christmas themed scene will be running out of space! So much for a brilliant one-off!

It’s no longer a choice of whether to have LEGO as the running theme of my Christmas decorations or not, as between the Winter Village collection, advent calendars, a LEGO stocking and all of those extra little festive sets I have picked up over the years it’s pretty much taken over. This brings us to why you are reading this piece about LEGO and Christmas in October. For one month only, LEGO have been giving away a free, exclusive festive set. Holiday Set 1 of 2 (300020) is available when you spend a certain amount in a LEGO store or at the online shop (the threshold depends on your home country).

Holiday Set 2 of 2 (3300002) – with a further updated Santa mini-figure – will be given away free during November. These neat little sets are going to look fantastic alongside the Christmas decorations, and all of those other seasonal LEGO sets… if there’s space for them by now. Why ever it was that I used to associate LEGO with Christmas, it’s safe to say that now it’s because of all of the Christmas LEGO I buy and build! 

Hurry! There’s just a few days left to get your order in at the official LEGO shop to get the Holiday Set 1 of 2 (300020) and free delivery.

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