Monday, 12 September 2011

LEGO City 2012 Rumour List Part II

A few weeks ago you read a list of rumoured City sets for January 2012, and now you can read a shorter list of sets that may be coming to LEGO City next August. This is even more tentative than the previous list, as August 2012 is a whole year away.

The second wave of 2012 City releases will be based around a construction-esque gold mining sub-theme, and the following five sets are expected:

4200 Test Drilling
4201 Mini Excavator
4202 Dump Truck
4203 Excavator Transport
4204 The Mine

With these sets following on from the Forest Police/Fire sub-theme, it suggests that LEGO are really looking to make a push in the USA in 2012. There is little relevance with forests and gold mines in Europe, but these would be right at home on a toy aisle in America. At present LEGO hasn’t quite broken the perception stateside of being a ‘luxury’ toy, and this could be an attempt by LEGO to break that idea and take the USA by storm the way it has recently done in Europe.

Check back next week for more from the LEGO rumour mill...

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