Monday, 8 August 2011

LEGO City 2012 Rumour List

This latest list of rumoured sets is what we can expect from the City line in January. All of this is currently speculation until an official announcement comes out of LEGO, and by the time the sets are released some may have changed, been dropped or replaced.

LEGO City will include new sub themes of Forest Police and Forest Fire. The expected sets for this new area are:
4208 Fire Truck
4209 Fire Plane
4427 Fire ATV
4436 Police Patrol Car
4439 Police Heavy Lift Helicopter
4440 Forest Police Station
4441 Police Dog Van

These sets will include forest ranger-type Police Officers, new sculpted animals and the vehicles will be more off-road style than are found in regular Police/Fire sets.

There is also to be a new range of lowish priced vehicles, presumably to keep standard City vehicles available:
4431 Ambulance
4432 Garbage Truck
4433 Dirt Bike Transporter
4434 Tipper Truck
4435 Car and Caravan

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section and check back soon as there are even more LEGO rumours to come...

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