Friday, 6 May 2016

LEGO Dimensions: Ghostbusters Level Pack (71228) Review

Fans of the movie Ghostbusters get more than just an Adventure World to check out, with Peter Venkman bringing with his minifigure sized self a new level to play through. Read on for a run-through of what the Ghostbusters Level Pack brings to LEGO Dimensions when you pop those new components onto the Toy Pad.

The physical components of this Level Pack are a Peter Venkman minifigure, plus Ecto-1 mini build and Ghost Trap. The two builds can, as always, be re-built in alternate versions as players progress through the game. 

The level kicks off in the Firehouse, as the player must get the team ready to check out the spooky goings-on in the Sedgewick Hotel, encountering numerous ghosts and indeed doing some busting. Capturing the ghosts in the Ghost Trap is a fun little mechanic, showing yet again how well TT Games can tweak the LEGO formula to match the latest franchise. Seeing the non Ghostbusters characters, such as Wyldstyle, reach to the ghosts is hilarious.

Following the hotel, the player must guide Peter and co back to HQ to deposit the captured ghouls before taking on the movie's big scale climax. It's enough gameplay to justify a Level Pack - bigger than a regular LEGO game level, but not approaching an entire game's worth. The cut scenes are very well done and amusing as ever, although the original movie dialogue varies in audio quality.

Of course additionally, Peter can unlock an immersive hub world to explore and complete little quests in. It's much easier to justify purchasing a Level Pack that included such content alongside a new level, especially when the character has useful abilities such as melting gold objects.

As always, glitches and bizarre camera angles frustrate the gameplay from time to time, but this is typical LEGO video game fun. Anyone who still enjoys the 80s classic will get a smile from seeing it lovingly re-created with an enjoyable level and amusing cut scenes.

Peter Venkman - Laser, Clear Ghostly Swarms, Hazard Protection.
Ghost Trap - Traps Ghosts.
Ghost Stun n Trap (build 2) - Captures Goons & Ghosts, Special Attack.
Proton Zapper (build 3) – Gold Blow-up, Special Weapon.
Ecto-1 - Accelerator Switches.
Ecto-1 Blaster (build 2)- Accelerator Switches, Water Spray, Tow Bar, Hazard Cleaner.
Ecto-1 Water Diver (build 3) - Underwater, Silver Blow-up.

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