Friday, 15 April 2016

First Look: LEGO Star Wars Summer 2016

Images of five sets from the LEGO Star Wars Summer range have been revealed on Amazon. Considering the first new live action Star Wars movie in a decade was only just released, there’s a prequel set and animated series sets too! So is this an inspiring line-up to keep fans busy until the release of the Rogue One range in September?

Star Scavenger (75147)
This set is one of two from the upcoming LEGO Star Wars animated series The Freemaker Adventures, including the three lead characters and their starship. Little is known so far about the size of the ship in the series, but it looks like it will be a squeeze to fit all of the minifigures inside. It is nice to see an original vehicle, of course, that seems to be designed to fit in nicely with the Star Wars universe.

Encounter on Jakku (75148)
This should be a nice accompaniment to Rey’s Speeder (75099), but looks to give a flavour of Jakku life rather than a meaningful build experience. The section of Unkar Plutt’s outpost will need some extra building or imagination from fans to really work. Teedo’s Luggabeast, meanwhile, is bizarrely bright blue. Unfortunately this looks like quite a dull set, based on a dull location and poorly executed.

X Wing Fighter (75149)
In another franchise, Bruce Wayne asked Lucious Fox, “does it come in black?” Poe Dameron clearly asked Resistance engineers, “does it come in blue?” It was perhaps inevitable that LEGO would release the short-lived X-Wing from the opening of The Force Awakens, but within a year of Poe’s other X-Wing (75102)? It doesn’t seem very well co-ordinated, and perhaps speaks to the lack of memorable vehicles in the movie. It is also frustrating to see the price of a LEGO X-Wing creep up ever higher…

Vader’s TIE Advanced vs A Wing Fighter (75150)
Rebels still gets some LEGO love thanks to this release, reminiscent of the early Vader’s TIE and Y-Wing set 97150). It’s seven years since Vader’s TIE (8017) was last available, and the new A Wing is very welcome. A Rebels version of Grand Moff Tarkin and Sabine with her new hairstyle are included, both tempting minifigures indeed. 

Clone Turbo Tank (75151)
This is a wonderfully bizarre inclusion in the 2016 LEGO Star Wars line up. Featured on Kashyyk in Revenge of the Sith, the Clone Turbo Tank has been released twice before in minifigure scale (excluding irritating variations). It also looks significantly different to the 2010 release (8098), making it tempting for those who own the most recent version. The oddest thing, however, is the inclusion of Quinlan Vos as a minifigure. The character was set to appear on Kashyyk in the movie but was cut, only seen on the planet in the comic adaptation and spin-offs. For fans of the character, it’s great news as with this release he has dots for eyes. 

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