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LEGOLAND California 2015: The Death Star and Heartlake City

“The Death Star will be completed on schedule.” – Darth Vader.

Hopefully the Model Buidlers at the LEGOLAND California Resort didn’t need Darth Vader to motivate them, but either way it looks like plans for 2015 are well on track. Read on to find out more about the new addition to Star Wars Miniland, and the all-new Heartlake City area coming to the increasingly popular theme park. 

LEGOLAND California Resort have continued to bring new elements to Star Wars Miniland since it opened, and sound excited be to be adding one of the most iconic Star Wars locations to the area.

Arrived safely from the MAW Installation
“In 2011 we were the first LEGOLAND in the world to open LEGO Star Wars Miniland and the success and popularity that it has had throughout the years is out of this world,” said General Manager Peter Ronchetti. “Our guests have asked us to bring the Death Star to the experience, and we’re excited to be able to do that next year!”
Opening March 5, 2015, LEGO Star Wars Miniland Death Star spans 6-feet across and offers guests the chance to view iconic film scenes made of LEGO bricks that were filmed inside the Galactic Empire’s space station. This includes the famous trench run scene where Luke Skywalker maneuvered his X-wing fighter through the combat zone and trench to blow-up the station and its planet destroying super laser. LEGO models of Stormtroopers, a Rebel X-wing fighter pilot and an Imperial Star Ship pilot will be on display. Guests can also use their imaginations to construct their own LEGO spaceships at building stations.  LEGO Star Wars Miniland Death Star is opening just before the Park’s annual LEGO Star Wars Days happening March 7 and 8, 2015. 
“With all the success we’ve had over the years, we continue to work harder than ever to outdo ourselves each year by creating attractions that immerse guests into LEGO Group’s popular intellectual properties,” said Ronchetti. “Last year we made a huge splash with the addition of the LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park presented by Cartoon Network and this year we are excited to continue that trend with the addition of LEGO Friends Heartlake City.”
Like other LEGOLAND parks, LEGOLAND California Resort are looking to make sure the girls find the LEGO Friends theme represented when they visit.

LEGOLAND California is making a significant investment in LEGO Friends Heartlake City, opening summer 2015. The new area is based on one of the LEGO Group’s hottest toy lines “LEGO Friends”, which focuses on the lives and personalities of five girls: Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Emma. The new area invites guests to sing along with Andrea at her tour bus, stroll through LEGO horse stables, enjoy a building activity at one of the LEGO brick tables and go for a horseback ride on the carousel in Mia’s family ranch.  The adventures are endless for guests as they enjoy living like LEGO Friends for a day in Heartlake City. 
Preparations are well underway for when the LEGOLAND California Resort re-opens for 2015 on March 5th! The Death Star was recently carefully added to Star Wars Miniland.
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The LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star Model Display has arrived to LEGOLAND® California Resort! The planet shaped LEGO® model, made out of more than a half million LEGO bricks, stands 13-feet high, 8-feet wide and weighs more than 1900 pounds. The LEGO Death Star is the largest LEGO model to be added to LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland and opens to guests on March 5. 
Under the watchful eye of R2-D2, a team of builders used a fork lift to maneuver the massive LEGO model into position high above LEGO Star Wars™ Miniland, which opened to guests in 2011.  The LEGO Death Star is designed from the version featured in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Below the LEGO Death Star, guests are invited to use their imaginations to construct their own LEGO starships at building stations, while LEGO X-Wings, Tie Fighters and Y-Wings circle overhead.
The unveiling of the new LEGO Death Star on March 5 kicks-off the fan favorite, LEGO Star Wars™ Days event on March 7 and 8, where guests can spend the day participating in Star Wars™ related activities. LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Death Star Model Display is included in the cost of admission to LEGOLAND California Resort. 
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Star Wars Days will be taking place on March 7th and 8th 2015. To find out opening hours, book tickets and hotel rooms, visit

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