Tuesday, 16 September 2014

LEGO Pirates 2015: Rumour Analysis

Brickset have opened the treasure chest to see what secrets lie within. Apparently fans have five LEGO Pirates sets to look forward to in 2015 - and if we're really lucky an exclusive on top of that. Let’s speculate wildly about what they might be – after all, it is that time of year.

$11.99 USD - Shipwreck Defense
The low price point suggests this will be more about the mini-figures and accessories than the building. Hopefully this will contain a couple of Pirates and a couple of Soldiers, along with a little shipwreck scene.  

$19.99 USD - Soldiers' Outpost
Two sets for the Soldiers! A pleasant surprise indeed as there was only one Soldiers set in the 2009 theme. The price point suggests this won’t be on the large side, hopefully it will be reminiscent of classic sets with a prison cell and a nice high point for the Soldiers to look out from. 

$19.99 USD - Treasure Island
Let’s have a well hidden treasure chest with Pirates to find or defend it in this set. Small Pirate island sets have had varying success over the years, it will be interesting to see if this set uses any strange moulds like Loot Island (6241). Preferably this will be on a nice solid blue baseplate, but it’s best not to be too optimistic (being too optimistic would lead to imagining an Islander or two in this set…).

$39.99 USD - Soldiers' Fort
It would be completely awesome if this connected to the 2009 version, but being as that is unlikely maybe we should just hope that the Outpost will connect to it. A classic style with a few rooms, a cannon and several floors would make this a nice set. A couple of different ranks of soldier would of course be welcome. 

$89.99 USD - The Brick Bounty
In all likelihood this won’t be a big departure from Brickbeard’s Bounty (6243). Black striped sails would make for a nice change, but the teaser picture has already shown red peeping out of the box. It will be interesting to see if there’s a new Pirate captain or if Brickbeard is still the top Captain in LEGO Pirates. What would be most welcome would be different details to previous ships, making good use of designs created for Pirates of the Caribbean such as the globe element and ships in bottles.

Not the most exciting speculation, I’ll admit. What that perhaps demonstrates is that this wave is going to be a re-hash of 2009. Pirates fans will be so relieved to have new sets, to see monkeys, palm trees and treasure chests again, that it will still go down well. But it’s unlikely to blow anyone’s mind or bring anything too new to the table. For Pirates to really give us anything exciting, it needs to be go on for more than a year so that we can get to huge Soldier bases and get a bit more variety in the Pirate islands. But enough of that negativity, Pirates is back! Look, cannons! 

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