Monday, 4 November 2013

A Different Side of Batman in The LEGO Movie

The latest trailer for The LEGO Movie has hit the interweb, and it gives a tiny bit more of an idea than the last one of the plot. Check out the trailer below, and then read on for thoughts about what fans should expect from this animated adventure.

This trailer clearly demonstrates the child friendly nature of this flick, with messages about self-belief and some jokes that are sure to amuse the kids. It also shows some not-so-subtle but intriguing satire such as Emmet’s happiness to cough up for Overpriced Coffee - he really is an unlikely hero, seemingly unaware of the dangers of Lord Business’ increasing reach! Then there are also the fond touches that will warm the heart of every LEGO fan. Even casual cinema goers who have ever rifled through a box of second hand LEGO will know that there is always a Spaceman in there, and it is damn lucky if his helmet is in pristine condition.

As Warner Brothers are releasing the film, it not too surprising that Batman seems to have quite a big part in the proceedings. The inspired casting of Will Arnett matches the Batman of the film rather well… as he seems to be a bit of a dick. This twist on Batman’s character is a great idea, particularly with how much attention the character has had over the past few years. To have Batman show up as regular, super heroic Batman wouldn’t have fit in with the vibe of LEGO silliness that the movie seems to be aiming for.

What is impressive is just how far DC Comics have relaxed about the way they will let folk play with the character of Batman. Back in 2007 when Traveller’s Tales were hard at work on LEGO Batman: The Video Game, DC were very unhappy with the idea of Batman disco dancing. Traveller’s Tales stuck to their guns and explained to DC that every LEGO video game has a hidden disco dancing element at some point, and thankfully managed to get that fun moment into the game. Clearly since then, DC Comics have realised that LEGO is a good medium to play with the character’s boundaries.

Avoid his next paragraph for a spoiler regarding a cameo in The LEGO Movie!

As mentioned, with Warner Brothers releasing The LEGO Movie it is no surprise that DC Comics characters will be showing up. But no matter how much people love their LEGO Batman sets, and waited for them to return to store shelves during the hiatus, there is one licensed property that is associated with LEGO more than any other. Star Wars was the first license LEGO tried, and has been the most successful ever since. No other licensed theme has stuck around year after year, and actually become more popular after the movies were over. So it would be truly remiss if there was no Star Wars reference in the film, and thankfully the Millennium Falcon will pop up in The LEGO Movie. Although the rumours say that it was lucky this was set up before Disney acquired Lucasfilm…

Spoiler over! Welcome back…

So with Batman embraced in all of his silly LEGO glory and a second promising trailer released, there is now only two months to wait until the sets hit store shelves, and three months until The LEGO Movie hits cinemas worldwide. Let’s hope it isn’t all trailer trickery, and that The LEGO Movie delivers an experience that perfectly complements the world of LEGO as it seems it will.

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