Friday, 20 September 2013

LEGO Creator & Juniors 2014 Rumour List

It’s time to wrap up another batch of rumours with this being the last list for the time being. Enjoy!

Juniors seems to be the new name for the Bricks and More theme, aimed as a bridging range between Duplo and System. Thankfully the sets feature regular mini-figures rather than any strange aberrations. One troubling omission from this list is any brick buckets, hopefully this is just an oversight.  

10665 Spider-Man (as mentioned in previous list)
10666 Digger
10667 Construction
10668 Princess Castle
10672 Batman – Batcave (as mentioned in previous list)
10673 Race Car Rally
10674 Pony Farm
10675 Police – The Big Escape

And as for Creator…

31013 Red Thunder
31014 Power Digger
31015 Emerald Express
31017 Sunset Speeder
31018 Highway Cruiser
31019 Forest Animals
31020 Twinblade Adventures
31021 Furry Creatures
31022 Turbo Quad
31025 Mountain Hut

The one last snippet to throw out there is that there will be seven Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set next year, and at least three will be based on the new movie.

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