Sunday, 18 August 2013

LEGO City 2014 Rumour List

It is sunny August, so it must be time to think about cold January and the LEGO sets that are rumoured to be due for release. To kick things off this year it’s City. Stay tuned over the coming week for more set lists. As always, at this stage these are merely rumours and may or may not be exactly the sets that hit shelves in 2014.

Here is the rumour list for LEGO City (big shock – spoiler alert – the main theme is Police):

60041 Crook Pursuit
60042 High Speed Police Chase
60043 Prisoner Transport
60044 Mobile Police Unit
60045 Police Patrol
60046 Helicopter Surveillance
60047 Police Station

60053 Race Car
60054 Light Repair Truck
60055 Monster Truck
60056 Tow Truck
60057 Camper Van with Canoe
60058 SUV with Watercraft
60060 Auto Transporter
60061 Airport Fire Truck

Keep checking out All About Bricks for more 2014 Rumour Lists.

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