Monday, 18 June 2012

Hidden fun at the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel

Guests are continuing to enjoy the newly opened LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel, and readers of this blog will know what an immersive experience it is. There are lots of neat little touches throughout the hotel that stop and make you say, “wow”. Even staff at the hotel were noticing great little details a week after it opened. To find out some of the fun additions to look out for, read on…

If you’re going to be staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel soon it’s always fun to find these things for yourself, but equally this might give you something to show the little ones and make sure they don’t miss anything!

When arriving in the bright, brick-filled lobby of the hotel there are some stairs to the left. These lead up to the pool and conference suite. Stay on the left-hand side, and look at the floor… then stand on the over-sized whoopee cushion to hear an embarrassing sound!
The Haz-Mat guy is stood alongside it, and even his suit isn’t enough to protect him…

Not exactly a hidden detail, but you know you’re in a LEGO location when even the boxes to return your key into are built from LEGO bricks.

The heritage of LEGO is represented in the lobby. Within the toy chest in the centre of the room is a representation of the classic wooden duck toy, built with LEGO bricks. It is also shown on the side of the chest.
This is a nice touch to see, as even though LEGO do not own the theme parks completely anymore the park still recognise the history of the company.

The restaurant is also a place with added bits of fun. Waiting for food can be frustrating for little ones, and in fact for those of us who should know better too. The menus have eye holes so you can disguise yourself as a LEGO Chef…

And crayons are provided on every table, but rather than have some colouring sheet to fill in guests can draw directly onto the tablecloth! It’s nice when etiquette can be thrown out of the window and you can colour in a tablecloth.

Whether you are an adult or a child, DO NOT use the regular sized sinks at the LEGOLAND Hotel! Go straight to wash your hands in the smaller, child sized sinks. 
The mirror will talk to you, wish a phrase such as “Watch out ladies!” in the gents’ or tell you how “fabulous” you look in the ladies’.

There are probably many, many more hidden gems scattered throughout the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel, these are just the few that we spotted during our stay. 

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