Monday, 27 June 2011

Reaction: LEGO Super Star Destroyer (10221)

Just over a week ago LEGO announced their latest exclusive release, the Super Star Destroyer Executor (10221), Darth Vader’s personal flagship from the Star Wars galaxy. The set is in Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) format, making it a super detailed display model.

The first thing to gasp at is the price. Here in the UK this set will sell for £349.99, matching the most expensive Star Wars set so far - the UCS Falcon (10179). The frustrating part is that this new set has just over half the number of pieces that that iconic set did. We can perhaps assume that there will be many larger pieces in this set, but it’s still quite a difference. Also, the Executor is much longer than the Millennium Falcon.
A bigger question that the price poses is whether, as collectors, we can afford to be buying a £200+ set each year along with all of the other LEGO we buy (last year saw the Imperial Shuttle [10212] released)? How long should these huge releases be spaced apart?

Price aside though, this is a fine looking model. The scale looks good, the shape and feel of the vessel look well re-created here. If it just looks like a big grey triangle to you, then maybe it won’t be your thing… but it looks to me exactly like the ominous starship that the Imperial March introduced. This is also a significantly different purchase than the UCS Star Destroyer (10030), as it has its own unique design and character. They could be happily displayed together.
The Executor was an inevitable choice if the UCS line was to continue to explore previously unproduced vehicles, and especially if LEGO was looking for something of this price point. It would certainly make a worthy addition to any UCS collection.

Whether or not mini-figs should be included in the UCS line has been something of a debate among fanboys, and one I have found a little ridiculous at times. However, on this occasion, I accept the argument that they shouldn’t really be here. They have no compatibility with the ship! I see that a small section has been intentionally added to justify the figures, but they really don’t need to be there and will just frustrate fans who can’t afford the set. The Millennium Falcon (10179) and Imperial Shuttle (10212) have mini-figs to demonstrate the scale, but here the set is in no way in mini-fig scale.

So another Star Wars set is added to the list of vehicles done, and I am extremely happy to see it, and from what we’ve seen it’s been done well. Now the speculation can begin on what the next will be…

For all of the vital stats and information, click here for the press release.

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